Invite a Friend And Win !

Do a good deed for a friend! Introduce them to Multimax’s latest technology and strong infrastructure. Now at Multimax, whoever brings a friend, no matter what your current package is, both of you will receive an additional 1 month free internet.

Does not include business packages. Freedom packages the free month will be added to the annual expiry.

The process for refer a friend is as follows.

1. Your friend, the new customer, needs to get their 'refer a friend code' within 2 weeks of them signing up for service. They can get this code by logging in to their customer panel at or by asking for their code at the office or via phone.

2. Once your friend , the new customer, has been installed and activated, you, the person who referred them, needs to enter the code given to you by your friend by logging into your customer panel at This needs to be done within two weeks from when the new connection is installed and activated. Log into your customer panel. Go to accounts. Press the 'enter your coupon button' for the account you wish to apply the code to, if you have more than one account. Enter the code given to you by your friend, the new customer.

Suggest & Win is only available in the areas in which we provide service